“Why are Some of the Rooms in My House Warmer Than Others?”

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Arizona homes are designed to withstand the scorching heat with most of the rooms in the house continuing to serve you well through many hot summers. Well… except that one room.

There are several explanations for why some rooms in your house are warmer than others. Most of the reasons have to do with your HVAC. Here are some of the most likely possibilities:


Rooms in the upstairs of a second story home are the most challenging to cool in summertime for a couple of reasons. One, the upstairs is absorbing the most heat from the outdoors, especially if there is inadequate insulation. And, two, heat rises. It is a scientific truth that heat from the inside of the house is moving to the highest points of the house, or the upstairs. And finally, three, the thermostat of a home is usually on the main floor (or lower floor), making that floor the temperature set point for the home. Those thermostats are not reading indoor air temperatures on the second floor.

There are, of course, solutions for this. Ask Alaskan Air Conditioning about indoor air sensors for a second temperature set point or “zoning” for areas of the home that are too hot or too cold.


The most “direct” problem could where the air comes from…the air ducts.

If certain rooms don’t cool and some do, your air duct design from the homes original construction might be inadequate. HVAC systems circulate conditioned air through air ducts. If the air ducts don’t reach certain rooms, then it will not be possible to cool them. Many times, this includes rooms that are located at the “end of a duct run.” The air ducts may simply have run out and air is not reaching them, making those rooms too hot. Alaskan Air Conditioning can inspect your air ducts and see if this is the problem.


When an air duct is ruptured or has holes in it, the cooled air it supplies is sucked out through the gaps and out of the ducts. This prevents the cold air from getting to where it’s supposed to go. Even small cracks or holes can cause a lot of heat to escape…especially if there are many of them.

Alaskan Air Conditioning can seal the holes in your air ducts that are keeping the cold air from reaching its intended  destination. We can Aeroseal the holes in the duct work to make rooms that too hot much more comfortable. Call for a quote for evaluating this problems and Aerosealing the air ducts.


Air filters are the most common problem for HVAC issues of not cooling. Air filters filter particles and other contaminants out of the air flowing through your duct work and into your home. These filters require regular replacements because over time they get clogged from all of the dust, dirt and debris floating in the air ducts. When too much gunk builds up in the filter, it blocks all air flow. That can create a whole house that is not comfortable. But, not just that, it can have a negative impact on the operation of your HVAC system…it has to work much hard to supply air. A result of that is premature failure of your system. And, that can mean a costly repair or replacement.

Alaskafy today and we’ll change your air filters for you!


Check to make sure you don’t have furniture covering vents. A blocked vents can make a room terribly uncomfortable because the airflow can’t make its way into the space as needed.

Also, check the vents themselves. Make sure they’re completely open. If the air feels weak, it’s probably because there vent is not all the way open.


If your cooling system turns on and off too frequently, it might be struggling to push cool air out to every room in the house. This is called short-cycling, because the air conditioner is switching off before it has the chance to effectively cycle cool air throughout the ductwork.

Short-cycling happens for one of many reasons: you could have a dirty air filter, your air conditioning could be the wrong size for your house, the thermostat could be old and malfunctioning and sending the wrong information to the A/C system, and finally, the system could be failing.

If you have rooms that are too hot even though your A/C seems to be working fine, give Alaskan Air Conditioning a call. We’ll identify the real problem and get it corrected to maximize comfort to all rooms in your house.

Call Alaskan Air Conditioning in the Phoenix area at (602) 529-5555. In Tucson, call (520) 815-5555.