R-22 Freon Ban

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Does your AC have R-22 inside?

If it’s over 12 years old, it probably does. We’ll check it out – – FREE

R-22, sometimes called “Freon,” can no longer be produced or imported to the USA after December 31, 2019

Here’s what you need to know:

NO – Your air conditioner isn’t breaking the law

YES – R-22 will no longer be manufactured

NO – You don’t need a new air conditioner, but…

YES – It’s going to get increasing more expensive to repair it

So, what’s the big deal?

If your AC is over 12 years old… it’s nearing the end of its life

If your AC is over 12 years old… it’s no longer running efficiently

If your AC is over 12 years old… repairing it may no longer be cost effective

What are my options?

1. You can keep your old AC and we’ll be happy to fix it as best we can

2. You can buy a fan

3. You can get a new, high-efficiency AC for as little as $89/month

What’s happening?

2010 was the last year that air conditioners were manufactured using R-22 (sometimes called “Freon,” “Freon-22,” or “chlorodifluoromethane”). It was an important phase of the Montreal Protocol in 1987 to ultimately ban the chemical. Since then, alternative refrigerants that are more effective and better for the environment have been developed. On January 1, 2020, the final phase of the ban will go into effect making it illegal to manufacture, import, or export R-22.

Will R-22 be gone?

Not right away. Some suppliers have been “stocking up” on R22, but the supply won’t last forever. This means that if your old AC system starts to leak, it will get increasing more expensive to replace the R22. Will it be against the law for me to use my AC? Absolutely not. You can continue to use your AC for as long as it lasts, and you will not be required to get a new unit. But like any piece of machinery it will fail eventually, so now is a good time to start thinking about a replacement.

How much will a new AC cost?

You can get a high-efficiency system for as little as $89/month. Contact one of our Alaskan AC professionals to schedule your Free inspection.

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