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“We were a first-time customer yesterday. Our A/C stopped working. It had just been serviced by our old company just two weeks ago. We had been a long time customer with the old company and about the same time we had our service done, we saw an article in the paper about them. The were caught over charging senior citizens and trying to sell them new units even if they didn’t really need one. So, we called Alaskan. They were able to get someone out within just a couple of hours. The tech found the problem in just a short time and got it fixed. The tech (Sam) was very friendly and gave us a couple of options but never pressured us into spending more than needed. Our old company has now lost a customer, and Alaskan has gained one.”

–Redd N.

Why Our Online Reviews Should Matter to You

Opening your home to contractors can be a risky sometimes. The above story tells us that.

At Alaskan Air Conditioning we know and respect that. And, we encourage homeowners to be extra careful in doing so. That is why we provide referrals and post reviews as your best reference to our trusted, honest and professional heating and cooling services. But, there are some home service contractors who insist that online reviews don’t matter. The truth is that reviews DO matter because we value experiences and verification of the quality of work completed AND WE KNOW YOU DO, TOO!

Phoenix and Tucson homeowners are great about sharing their experiences with HVAC contractors in our area. And, that is great for the many who depend on this information to hire heating and cooling contractors they read about at Facebook, Google or at websites. If the contractor you are hiring doesn’t post reviews or provide references when they ask for them, you may want to reconsider hiring them. With equipment costs rising (due to today’s tariffs), it’s especially important to choose a trustworthy HVAC professional who can do the job right and for a competitive price.

At Alaskan Air Conditioning, we know we can’t please all of the people all of the time…but we sure work hard to try! That’s why we’ve posted our reviews for many years. We believe it is also why we’ve been in business and providing comfortable cooling solutions for homeowners here for more over 45 years.

For highly referred and well-reviewed heat pump and HVAC installations, repairs and estimates in Phoenix and Tucson and the surrounding areas, call the most respected professionals of Alaskan Air Conditioning. But, before you do, read our reviews!

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