About Us

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Growing Up

My Grandma Helen and Grandpa Dick both worked for Carrier air conditioning. Pretty sure I wouldn’t be here if they worked across town from each other. And how could Grandpa not fall in love with the woman who was known as Carrier’s Gourmet Chef?

About Us Alaskan AC

When I was a bit older, Grandpa told me about “Sex Cake.” Whatever you’re thinking…it’s not that. If you’d like the recipe click here.

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The Formative Years

about us Alaskan AC

Dad went a step further and opened his own heating and air company. We were living in Denver, Colorado then. For over 30 years, he worked like nobody I’ve ever known before or since. Friends would come by and there would be air conditioning innards all over the place. One day this kid from school, Darrin Pircksen, rode by on his Huffy and yelled: “Hey Bott…your mother was an air conditioner!” I found him on Facebook last year. He still has zits.

What I’m getting at is this: Dad, Mom, and my grandparents all showed me what it means to take care of customers.

My Dad would always tell his guys that doing the minimum was never acceptable. Never enough. “When a customer has a problem, they’re the ones who are being inconvenienced…not us.”

About Us

about us Alaskan AC

25 years ago when I decided to get into the business myself, I was dazzled by the new technology and sales “techniques…” but I quickly remembered: None of that stuff matters. I was brought up in a family of people who treated each other and customers right.

My staff and my customers really are family. When I start the day with that in mind, it makes every decision super-easy.

We believe in regular training to set our staff up to be as successful as possible.

We believe in customizing every system in your home, including the ductwork, because your house isn’t the same as your neighbors.

We believe in not taking ourselves too seriously, so don’t be surprised if you see us laughing, teasing each other, and randomly ordering pizza for the staff.

about us Alaskan AC

We believe in giving back to the community…not because we want a pat on the back, but because it’s the right thing to do.

See what else We Believe.

We’ve been keeping you chill since 1972, and are proud to do it.

On behalf of me, and the 121 other Alaskans who work here, thanks for taking a minute to learn more about us. We hope we can help you out soon.

about us Alaskan AC

P.S. If you see Pircksen, tell him I think he’s still a big dufus.