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Wilburrr says… “Our installers are OBSESSIVE about installing your system Polar Bear Perfectly.  Learn about the 5 obsessive steps we do every time we install a system.”

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We believe in doing things the Alaskan Way… not the cheap way®

Alaskafied systems last longer, save you money, and won’t break down all season.

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Your favorite non-profit might be awarded $5000 from your friendly neighborhood polar bears.

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Alaskafy Your A/C & Heating System: Only $114

We don’t tune up. We Alaskafy! That means getting in deep to making your system look and run like the day it was born. Your Alaskafied System will save you money, last longer and we guarantee it will NOT BREAK DOWN for a whole year!
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Alaskan Air Conditioning and Heating

Keeping You Chill Since 1972

How did an Arizona air conditioning and heat company end up being called Alaskan? Who’s really in the polar bear suit? What’s the deal with Gary? Who’s behind this lovable (and a bit quirky) group?

A minimum of one of those questions is answered here:

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People really do prefer the Alaskan way.

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Alaskan Air Conditioning and Heating

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It’s more than just air

We believe that being comfortable is more than just keeping cool and staying warm. When our techs make a visit, we are checking things like humidity, air quality, and efficient airflow. We’re not going to install a system just because it’s the one we want to sell… we will only install the right equipment to do the job the Alaskan way. It’s the only way we know.


We will always show you options. Each option will be one we believe in and can get the job done. The only difference will be if you want full Buckingham Palace option or a more modest approach.

Alaskan Air Conditioning and Heating HVAC Sales

On Time

…or you don’t pay. It’s that simple. Your time is valuable and we won’t ever expect you to make special accommodations just for us. The Alaskan way is to be there at the time we say (and don’t be surprised if that’s 10 minutes early).

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We also provide the following installation, repair, and maintenance services for your home’s heating or cooling systems:

Custom (and sealed) ducts

We actually build air ducts at our shop tailored to fit your house. We also believe those ducts should be sealed up like a safe, because all that good air coming from your system should always make it to your vents.

Inspecting and re-inspecting (then inspecting again)

When we install an HVAC system, we perform as many as FIVE quality-control inspections. We make sure it’s right, then we make sure again, then we check on each other…and so on. We are super-serious about doing it right.