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(for most systems)
is all it takes to keep your system healthy and happy

  • Save Lots of Money
  • Have Fewer Breakdowns
  • Increase the life of your heating & air system

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Members of The Alaskan Club have been known to get more likes on Instagram…bigger returns on their taxes…and find four-leaf clovers on a regular basis*

Four Leaf Clover

We don’t know if one has anything to do with the other**

*This statement has not been independently confirmed and a bright person like you knows we’re just jokin’.
**Yes we do. They’re completely unrelated. Where’s your sense of humor?

Alaskan Club Member Benefits

2 Free Alaskafications per Year

We don’t just inspect your cooling and heating systems to keep you safe, we Alaskafy ‘em, cleaning and re-calibrating to save 15-25% off your utility bills over the life of your system. Plus, Alaskafied systems last up to twice as long. Do the math. The savings are more than double the cost of the Alaskan club!

Free Coil Cleaning

We will chemically clean your outdoor condensing coil.
A dirty coil will put a strain on your equipment and is a direct result of 9 out of 10 failures.

24/7 VIP Priority, Same Day Service

Air conditioners and heaters all fail on the hottest or coldest days. Alaskan Club members move to the front of the line, every time, day or night.
You’re guaranteed service within 24 hours, or your repair is FREE.

10% OFF Repairs

Alaskan Club members pay VIP prices, 10% off all repairs (up to $100 per repair), just because you’re family.

Marriage proposal from a member of The Royal Family***

You may have to change your name to something fancy like “Langston” or “Gweneviere,” but for just $154/Year we promise you’ll be treated like royalty (that last part is totally true).

***Never gonna happen.

10% OFF Duct Cleaning & Sealing

Professionally cleaned ducts help keep your system clean and reduces strain. Improve the air you breathe. Do you realize you’re blowing as much as 50% of your air conditioning into your attic? Crazy! AeroSeal Duct Sealing technology stops up to 98% of leakage and pays for itself in as little as 3 years!

10% Off I.A.Q. Products

I.A.Q products purify your indoor air to eliminate allergens, dust, mold and even reduce disease. They can eliminate 99.8% of particles 0.3 microns in diameter or greater so Alaskan Club members breathe easy.

No Trip Or After Hours Charges, EVER

You’ll never pay for a technician to show up on your doorstep. Once we’re there, you pay reduced Alaskan Club rates on diagnostics and repairs. Get exclusive club member rates at any time, even after regular hours, on weekends, and during holidays!

100% Replacement Guarantee

Alaskan Club members don’t worry about replacing a system. If your complete system ever does need replacement, we’ll credit the full amount you’ve paid in dues up to a thousand dollars as an Alaskan Club member towards the cost of the new system purchased from us.

Facts is Facts

  • Cooling and Heating systems last 18% longer on average when they’re routinely cleaned and maintained.
  • They run up to 25% more efficiently, saving you money every month.
  • They breakdown far less, since 90% of all breakdowns are caused by dirt and dust buildup on systems that aren’t maintained.
  • Any repairs cost far less because little problems get spotted before they cause far bigger ones. You’re replacing a small component (0-$500 dollars) instead of a catastrophic failure ($1500 – $3000) or more.