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HVAC Zoning System

HVAC zoning systems systems allow you to set specific temperatures for different areas, or zones, of your home. They are particularly useful in larger homes where homeowners do not need to heat and cool every room at all times. For example, if you have a three-story home and generally only use the third floor when you have guests, you can use a zoned system to keep the air turned off on the third floor when it’s not in use while still comfortably heating and cooling your lower floors.

How does a zoned HVAC system work?

Even though they create different temperatures for different zones, HVAC zoning systems actually operate off a single HVAC unit. The air supplied by that unit is distributed to various zones within the house via a damper system.

Each damper controls airflow to a specific zone. When a zone thermostat is set to a desired temperature (68 degrees, for example) and the air temperature in the zone rises or falls below that temp, the system will turn on and the dampers for only that zone will open. The air in that zone will be heated or cooled until the 68 degree temperature is reached, at which time the dampers close and the system shuts off until it’s needed again.

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