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MVP Air Conditioning's valued customers are getting a big Polar Bear-hug from Alaskan AC!

(and we’ve got presents!)

After almost 15 years in biz, Clay and Jeff have decided it’s time to crack open some rest and relaxation.

…but not before finding the friendliest Polar Bears in town to take care of their customers.

Alaskan Polar Bears

Welcome MVP customers to Alaskan AC

Our Polar Bear Promise to you:

Our Polar Bear Present for you:

FREE Alaskafication
to welcome you to our family

Our Alaskafications are top-notch tune-ups designed to clean, test, tighten, and improve your AC or furnace. We believe in getting your system running like it did the day it was installed. And we’re so confident in them, we guarantee NO BREAKDOWNS for an entire year.

Why free?

So you can get to know us, and we can get to know your system. You’ll get an AC that will last through the summer (guaranteed)! Then, we’ll record important data about your system so we’re ready to help if anything goes wrong. We couldn’t think of a better price than FREE – so schedule now…

Something not working right?

Not to brag, but our techs are pretty darn good when it comes to fixing ACs. We’d be more than happy to check out the clanks, clunks, and comfortless rooms. Just schedule an appointment…

Have you heard about The Grizzly?

Ooooh… this is something really COOL. The Grizzly is our beast of an air conditioner we had specially made for brutal Tucson summers. If it’s time for a new AC system, let’s talk about The Grizzly…

The Grizzly AC Unit from Alaskan