Monsoon Rains and Your Heat Pump

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Rain Damage
This is a question we’re getting quite frequently lately. The answer to that is “No…under normal circumstances, your system is safe from rain no matter how heavy it falls. But, what could affect the safe operation of your heat pump or refrigerated air conditioning system are power surges caused by lightening strikes, wind and debris falling into it.”
Rain is only a cause for concern if your home has flooded during these monsoon storms. Flooding could cause the electrical to fail, damaging the wiring, fan motor, or some other parts of your heat pump. High winds, lightning, or hail may damage the HVAC if directly striking the unit. Power outages could also pose a risk, as surges could damage the compressor or control board.
Thankfully, HVAC systems are constructed to withstand the weather conditions we have here in Arizona but if yours has started to make weird noises or stopped cooling, you may have a problem caused by normal wear due to age.
Alaskan A/C is here for you through monsoon rains, winds and all weather conditions. Call us today for your HVAC repairs and replacements!