Be Cool…And Other Reasons Why a Heat Pump is a Good Choice

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Heat pumps are a great replacement option in climates where the temperature normally stays above 30 degrees fahrenheight. At this temperature and above, the heat pump can produce all of the heat needed to keep your family comfortable in the coldest Arizona days. Heat pumps also provide air conditioning as well as heat, as the name implies. When it’s set to cool your home, a heat pump works on the same basic principle as an air conditioner.

Here are 6 reasons why heat pumps are a perfect option for our area:

  1. They are less expensive to run than traditional A/C
  2. They heat and cool…working in winter and summer
  3. They are quiet
  4. They cost less because are an all-in-one heating and cooling unit
  5. They control indoor air quality and humidity levels

And, this:

6. They are zero-emissions and good for the environment

According to a report by Carbon Switch Co., the average homeowner would save $557 by replacing a traditional A/C with a heat pump and contribute about 3% reduction in the country’s total emissions. “Compared to HVAC systems that run on natural gas, fuel oil, and propane, heat pumps enable zero-emissions heating and cooling,” says

With more cities looking to lower emissions as part of an effort to protect the planet from the worst effects of climate change, heat pumps are a good choice. So, when you want a more efficient alternative to handle both heating and cooling, be cool and consider a heat pump!