Heat Pumps Make Sense in Our AZ Climate

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Many people scratch their heads over the difference between a central air conditioning system and a heat pump system. They look very much alike and both do the same job: they provide heating and cooling. So, when does purchasing a heat pump make the most sense?


Among all the heat pump advantages, the main one is you get both higher efficiency with a heat pump. Cooling is equally as effective with a heat pump as it is with a conventional air conditioner. But, because we don’t need much heating in the wintertime, heat pumps make more sense in AZ. With a heat pump, a reversing valve switches the flow of refrigerant. As the inside and outside refrigerant coils flip-flop their roles in the process, heat energy is extracted from the outside air, brought inside and released into the interior air. A well-maintained air-source heat pump can deliver three times the heat energy as the electric power that goes into it. This is far more efficient than even the most efficient gas furnace.


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