Going Back to Your Small Business? Alaskafy the A/C!

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As small business owners start returning to their commercial spaces, your HVAC equipment should be serviced and tested, according to experts at the Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ACCA).

They highly recommend that BEFORE you reopen your business and customers start coming back, you really need to get your system checked for safety.

We agree! Many systems have been sitting idle and running at low capacity…or not at all. They should be checked and maintained not just to ensure they will work, but to make sure they will work safely and efficiently. They need to be Alaskafied!

In the Tucson and Phoenix areas it is especially important to do so because of our upcoming hotter temperatures. Business owners DO NOT need any further delays to opening, especially due to the operation of the air conditioning systems.

Call Alaskan Air Conditioning for your light commercial A/C system maintenance safety check-up. Get Alaskafied!