Get Ready to Stay Chill! $114 Alaskafication®

WIlburrr Mascot - Alaskan AC

An Alaskafication® of your air conditioner is like rolling back time to the day it was first installed. Our crew cleans, tightens, lubricates, vacuums, and shines up your AC so it can keep fighting the Arizona heat. Our Alaskafication® comes with a one year no breakdown guarantee. All Our technicians are dedicated to taking all the necessary steps to ensure your safety and comfort every time. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Expires May 31, 2020

Your A/C isn’t ready until it’s ALASKAFIED:

  • More than a flimsy tune-up
  • Guaranteed NO breakdowns for A FULL YEAR
  • Systems last substantially longer
  • You will save as much as 25% on utilities
  • 33 Crucial safety and performance points of love for your system
  • Alaskafied Systems are safer systems

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