Monthly Air Filter Changes in Summer Are More Important Than Ever!

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Frozen Coil


Dirty filters have negative effects on HVAC system efficiency.  Not only do they decrease the air flow through your equipment, hence reducing the capacity of the system, but it can also cause your coil to freeze up. And, a frozen coil can cause big problems your equipment, including premature system failure.

A frozen coil is a common problem in the summertime in our areas of Arizona. When the A/C runs more, the blower fan will run overtime drawing more dirt, dust and debris into the air filters. When air filters are clogged up and systems are running and running to keep up with the extreme heat, a frozen coil is the result. We see it every day at Alaskan Air Conditioning.

Alaskan Air Conditioning recommends you change the filter at least once monthly during the hot summer months. This will keep your air flow cleanest and the A/C running at highest efficiency. You’ll also avoid repairs due to frozen coils.

We also recommend you get your cooling (and heating) system maintenance checks twice a year. An Alaskafication maintenance check up on the HVAC can catch small issues before they become big problems.

It’s not too late for an Alaskafication check-up. Call us today and we’ll show you where and how to change the air filters so that you can get the longest life, cleanest air and highest efficiency from your A/C. Schedule today!