“Alaskafy” Your Home…Air Conditioning Maintenance With Benefits

WIlburrr Mascot - Alaskan AC

Your A/C isn’t ready until it’s been ALASKAFIED!

  • More than a flimsy tune-up
  • Guaranteed NO breakdowns for A FULL YEAR
  • Systems last substantially longer
  • You will save as much as 25% on utilities
  • Covering more than 33 key points on your system
  • Alaskafied Systems are safer systems

There’s plenty of bargain-bin “tune-ups” out there.  But none go as far as the Alaskan AC “ALASKAFICATION”.  An Alaskafication of your air conditioner is like rolling back time to the day it was first installed.  Our crew cleans, tightens, lubricates, vacuums, and shines up your AC so it can keep fighting the Arizona heat.

Guaranteed NO breakdowns for a YEAR!

We’re not kidding around.  We are so confident that an Alaskafication of your AC will make it run better for longer we POLAR BEAR PROMISE it will not break down for a full year.  If it does, we give you your money back (or deduct those bucks from the cost of the repair).

Alaskafying your A/C is your best bet to keep your cooling system running at peak performance and highest efficiency…year after year. Regular maintenance keeps your system in excellent working condition because it helps find small issues before they become major repairs.

Alaskafication on the cooling system “checks and inspects” it and troubleshoots problems that, if caught early, can save homeowners hundreds of dollars on repairs. And, our maintenance check is proven to extend the life of the HVAC system. How? Dirt and dust builds-up on all moving parts and that puts a strain on your system. This can bring your A/C down at the worst of times. Cleaning and correcting these issues twice a year (once during spring on the cooling system and once in fall on the heating system) almost always ensures you will have a working A/C throughout our hot summer. But not just that, you’ll keep those utility costs lower!

If you haven’t yet scheduled your air conditioning Alaskafication, it’s time! The first day of spring can sometimes feel like summer and it’s just the start of our hot, hot weather.

For the ultimate in comfort, efficiency and system performance, call Alaskan Air Conditioning.