How to Prepare For More Dirt, Dust and Pollen?

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Springtime Pollen Prep

Springtime in Arizona is a land of breathtaking blooming desert plants and unfortunately, very strong, windy, dirty storms. Not only does it affect driving, it can really affect the airflow in your HVAC system.

One question we always get at Alaskan Air Conditioning, is “what are these storms doing to my heat pump unit?” The good news is that your air conditioning unit isn’t usually bothered too much, considering the fact that it is built to function in the outdoors where extreme temperatures, dust storms, and gusty winds hit hardest. Tightly sealed systems have very little risk of debris making its way inside the system. The bad news: your air filter is going to fill up more quickly with dirt and dust, and this will affect your A/C system.

While your outdoor air conditioning unit can handle our strong dust storms, it is advisable to always do these things as regularly scheduled:

  1. Change the AC unit filters once a month

Arizona dust storms can easily plug indoor air filters to the point there’s no space left for air to flow. Without that airflow through the air filter, your cooling system won’t cool properly. Even worse, it may freeze up and that can be a very expensive repair (if it can be repaired at all!) If it doesn’t freeze up and it can provide the temperature of cooling called for, it will have to work very hard through dirty filters to do so and that will eventually cause your system problems. You’ll also probably notice much more dust than normal if air filters are getting full. Change the air filter monthly to minimize dust in your home.

  1. Maintain the outside A/C unit once a year

Though the outdoor unit is tightly closed and can handle a dust storm, you’ll keep it running at optimal capacity if you schedule your regular preventive maintenance. Air conditioners need yearly maintenance, usually scheduled in the spring or summer, to keep it running at high efficiency…and for many years to come. Maintenance on the A/C means you’ll keep those utility bills in check, too!

Taking great care of the air conditioner and changing the filters regularly will prolong the life of your A/C and ensure it continues to run cooler, cleaner, and most efficiently…especially in Arizona’s gusty, dirty, stormy weather.

Contact Alaskan Air Conditioning today and let us help you maintain cool comfort in your home for many years to come.