Pollen Levels Very High in Phoenix Area This Week

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Stock the tissues, homeowners…the pollen count is in the RED levels, meaning they’re high!

Air conditioners actually promote pollen influx in the home. If the pollen count is high outside, you’re likely to suffer more inside because these allergens travel through the air ducts and into the home’s air flow.

Changing your air filters more frequently during high pollen count months is a good idea to battle the increased pollen and allergens finding their way into your living spaces. More effective is an indoor air cleaner upgrade for heat pump and/or other cooling system. Indoor air cleaners are effective to do exactly that…clean the air. Air cleaners keep indoor air as fresh and clean as possible and is especially recommended if you suffer from allergies and/or asthma.

Alaskan Air Conditioning offers many IAQ (indoor air quality) enhancements for the home. Some are more affordable and some are a little more sophisticated requiring an installation.

For a free estimate to add an air cleaner upgrade to create healthier indoor air for your family, call Alaskan Air Conditioning in Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas at 602-529-5555 or visit us at www.alaskanac.com/phoenix-az.

To check the weekly pollen situation in the Phoenix area, visit https://www.pollen.com/forecast/extended/pollen/85018