Hurry…Your 2018 Rebate Incentives for HVAC Services Are About to Expire!

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Did you know that there are a number of rebate incentive for residential energy efficiency installations available in Arizona through the utility companies? It’s true. 2018 offers several incentive programs, making this a great year to invest in a new HVAC system. It’s not too late to get scheduled!

Tucson Energy (TEP) is offering residential customers several rebates and discounts for a variety of energy-saving products and services. Some of the incentives you will enjoy come from installing smart thermostat, installing a qualifying heat pump system, or duct sealing. To learn more about TEP incentives, visit:

Arizona Public Service Company (APS) is offering you a variety of options to save energy — and money — with their energy-efficiency rebate program. Get your incentive today by ordering an installation of a smart thermostat or having an energy audit inspection. Learn more here:

Installation of the higher efficiency are encouraged through these programs to not only protect our natural resources, but to also help save homeowners money on utility costs.

As a contracting company providing high efficiency systems in Tucson and the Phoenix areas, Alaskan Air is a part of a global energy savings solution! Be part of the solution, too. Let us tell you how!

For a free new high efficiency system estimate, duct sealing, or installations of smart thermostats that qualify for rebate incentives, call us. Or, visit us at