Give Gifts of HVAC Efficiency and Utility Savings

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The holidays are known for excess: too much spending, too much food, and too much pressure to buy the “perfect” gift. That’s why Alaskan Air Conditioning and Heating is providing you with gift ideas for those people on your list who will appreciate something a little more sensible.

If you’re looking to give a gift “that keeps on giving” all year long, consider the gift of HVAC. Here’s some great gift ideas that any recipient would appreciate for its efficiency and utility savings:

  • Annual Maintenance Program: Servicing the HVAC two times a year will ensure that your system continues to operate smoothly and efficiency for many years to come. Maintenance in the spring on the air conditioning prepares it for our hot summers. Maintenance again in the fall gives you peace of mind that your heating system isn’t emitting dangerous carbon monoxide and continues to provide the warmth you desire. Sign up the one on your list and we’ll even schedule their first maintenance check: a 30-point heating precision tune-up!
  • Wi-Fi Smart or Programmable Thermostat Installation: Smart stats first learn your occupancy patterns, then program themselves for a homeowner’s greatest utility savings. They also offer invaluable away-from-home access when you travel or have to be away. Alerts to your smart phone lets you know when something isn’t right. These features provide more comfort, savings and safety!
  • Air Cleaner: In the battle to beat indoor air pollution, there are many air filtration options to choose from. One of the most effective, and arguably the most impressive air filtration option is an electronic air cleaner. It literally electrocutes pollutants out of your home’s air. And, they operate using less energy than a 40 watt light bulb!
  • Duct Cleaning: Who doesn’t want to have their air ducts cleaned…especially in our dirty, dusty city??!!! Air ducts commonly house pollen, pet dander, dead insects, and rodent droppings. These gross contaminants affect the air being forced into your living spaces. In fact, some health issues may be directly related to the pollutants, mold and other irritants found inside a home’s air ducts. Give the gift of duct cleaning and show you really care!

Sensible gifts of HVAC maintenance, efficiency, savings and safety could be just what your loved one wants or needs! Call us to quote or get something scheduled for the ones on your list…and we’ll even put a bow on it! Call Alaskan Air Conditioning and Heating in the Phoenix area at (602) 529-5555, or in the Tucson area at (520) 815-5555.