Facts of Furnace Tune Ups

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Important Facts about Furnace Tune-Ups

Furnace Tune-Ups Improve Performance

A modern furnace is a complicated piece of equipment. Over time, factors like mechanical stress, vibrations, and dust will affect its performance. An annual tune-up involves several preventative steps.

  • Cleaning out accumulated dust
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Changing the air filter
  • Adjusting the burner<
  • Full inspection of all components

Each step in your appointment will help your system run more efficiently and consistently through the heating season.

Well-Maintained Furnaces Burn Cleaner

Many people are looking for ways to decrease their impact on the environment. An annual furnace tune-up is an important practice for running a clean system. The technicians will examine your burner to see that it is firing correctly. In a gas furnace, the burner should have a blue flame. Yellow or orange indicates that an adjustment is necessary. Checking the burner also prevents the production of dangerous carbon monoxide gas.

Furnace Tune-Ups Prevent Unexpected Breakdowns

A maintenance appointment in the fall gives the technicians a chance to examine your system for wear and tear. Your equipment works hard during the heating system, and individual parts can weaken over time. By testing the furnace components, the technicians will spot parts that may be close to failure. Handling these minor repairs during the tune-up will prevent an inconvenient and expensive emergency call later in the season.

Furnace Tune-Ups Improve the Return on Your Investment

You made a serious financial investment in your home when you installed your heating system. Well-maintained systems provide more seasons of consistent home comfort. The longer your system runs without the need for significant repairs or replacement, the better the return on your investment.

When the time comes for a system repair, a history of regular maintenance can save the day. Your manufacturer’s warranty may require an annual service appointment to remain valid. The cost of this maintenance call is well worth the long-term savings.

Furnace Tune-Ups Lower Energy Bills

With the rising cost of energy, homeowners need to take advantage of services that improve efficiency. Heating equipment that receives regular attention can do more with less. With a properly adjusted burner, there is less fuel waste and a more productive burning cycle. You will see the benefits of this service on your next energy bill.

Regular Maintenance Gives You Peace of Mind

There is nothing worse than realizing that your heating system has failed in the middle of a frigid winter night. You can feel the temperature drop as you begin to worry about repair costs and frozen pipes. Regular furnace tune-ups will give you confidence as the winter months approach.

Your hardworking furnace should receive the attention it deserves. If you want consistent home comfort, contact us today to schedule your next heating maintenance appointment.