Alaskan Cares Donates $5,000 to Kent’s Heart & Hope at 2022 5K Event

WIlburrr Mascot - Alaskan AC
Kent Rhind was an amazing gift to the community and so was the 2022 “Run to Rescue” 5K Fitness Challenge event last weekend. Alaskan Air Conditioning was honored to be there as a sponsor.
The mission of this Kent’s Heart & Hope is to provide support for public safety personnel with non-line of duty, sudden life compromising illness; and support for youth who demonstrate Kent’s legacy of living. The foundation was created in honor of Kent Rhind, a Tucson police officer for 27 years who died of cancer in 2013. Kent’s’ illness highlighted the need for a safety-net fund for non-duty related illness. Throughout his illness, he continued helping whoever needed it — he had the biggest heart and the biggest hope to “keep helping others”.
For more information on Kent’s Heart & Hope, visit