A/C Not Cooling? Try This…

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A/C not cooling? There could be several reason why. First, to get it working again, try troubleshooting steps that you can do yourself:
  1. Change your air filter. Clogged filters are an HVAC systems worst enemy and cause for 80% of all service calls. A clogged filter makes your A/C system have to work twice as hard to deliver the cool air you desire.
  2. Check the battery in your thermostat. Thermostats have a lifetime…many times one shorter than that of your system. It’s not a bad idea to replace it once every 5-7 years to maintain efficient operation of your HVAC system.
  3. Check the breaker. Storms and utility work in your area can cause power surges. Check the breaker box to ensure your A/C hasn’t tripped. Be sure to turn the A/C off at the thermostat first, then switch the breaker back on before turning the stat back on.
If these DIY A/C maintenance tips don’t work, you need a licensed professional to further troubleshoot your system. Call Alaskan Air Conditioning for service and replacements. Visit us at www.alaskanac.om and learn why we are one of AZ preferred A/C service provider.