7 Must-have’s for the First-time Homeowner

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Congratulations, you have decided you found the right place and now you’re a homeowner! Your next question can be a bit confusing. What will you need to create a safe, efficient and comfortable home?

Let our experts help you to know what the answers are to a safe and comfortable space. Let us also share some ways you can save on those utility bills. You may not know, but the cost of heating and cooling a home is about half of your energy usage costs.

Here’s 7 ways to create a home that you will feel most comfortable and secure in:

  1. Install (or test existing) CO/smoke detectors. The safety of your family and pets must be at the forefront of your mind when purchasing a new home. We hope you never have to hear them sound off, but CO/smoke detectors give homeowners peace of mind knowing that these alerts will awaken you to any carbon monoxide or fires that should occur. Install them in more than one place—hallway to the bedrooms, near the kitchen, in a basement of on every story of a home. Make sure the detectors are approved by NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).
  2. Change the locks and maybe install window sensors. Home security systems is more affordable than ever. Products including smart locks that work with window and door sensors so that you are immediately alerted by an app when either have been compromised for illegal entry. Alerts come while in the home or out of it. Homeowners receive push notifications so that they are always “connected” to their home!
  3. Consider an energy-efficient upgrade of a smart thermostat. As mentioned above, your energy usage is probably going to be your highest cost of owning a home, after your mortgage. Learning thermostats can help reduce those costs of energy usage because they learn your occupancy patterns and program themselves for the greatest efficiency of heating and cooling the home. Many smart thermostats also provide reporting that helps you understand how you can save more on your utility bills.
  4. Join an HVAC maintenance plan. Regular maintenance is the key to a long lasting HVAC system. And, filter changes are your best bet for continued efficiency. Simple to do, but like they say “out of sight; out of mind.”  Call us to get on a maintenance plan today.
  5. Install a couple security cameras (doorbell, outdoor, indoor). Easy to install, affordable products are available everywhere and just like smart locks and window sensors, an app will send you all images in a push notification.
  6. Upgrade to a higher efficiency heat pump or HVAC systems. It may be your old, inefficient system that is making you feel so uncomfortable in your new home. No if’s, and’s, or’s about it…new systems are just better and offer many more benefits than ever, including quiet, healthy and comfortable cooling. They can minimize dust, allergens and other pollutants that come in through the duct system. We offer many articles on the benefits of a newer heat pumps and central air conditioning system at our blogspot. You can read those here: https://www.alaskanac.com/blog/
  7. Consider installing a whole house surge protection system. We don’t get a lot of lightening strikes, but we do get wind that knocks out power all of the time. A whole house surge protection system can protect your valuable electronics and electrical systems. For the nominal cost of having one installed, you can save a lot in the long run especially if you don’t have to replace that 60” TV!!!

You certainly won’t run out of things to buy for your new home, that is for sure. But, consider the home systems above that will help you make it safer, more comfortable and efficient.

For an estimate on any of the systems suggested above, call Alaskan Air Conditioning and Heating: your home systems partner! Call us in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale and in the Phoenix area at (602) 529-5555. In the Tucson area, call (520) 815-5555.