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Heating Repair Arizona

Arizona may be best known for its dry heat, but Phoenix-area homeowners still rely on their heating systems for home comfort in the winter months. There is nothing worse than realizing that your furnace is not running on a cold January night. When you need a heating repair in your Phoenix home, the team at Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating is ready to help.

At Alaskan, we take pride in providing fast, friendly care that will get your home back to normal. Our technicians will be there as soon as possible to diagnose the problem. In most cases, we can offer same-day service that will get your system up and running once again.

Fully Fixed the First Time

  • Real Arizonans answer our phones 24/7
  • We show up on time… or it’s FREE
  • You choose the best option for you
  • Your home will be cleaner and comfier than when we arrived


Phoenix Furnace repair to keep you as warm as a Polar Bear!

Fast, friendly service from a real live Arizonan when you call (even that friendly face that just popped up in the right corner is really real)!  We don’t outsource the calls to China or even Tennessee.  It’s only the people we train and trust to take care of you.  We’ll listen to what’s going on and schedule the first available heating system technician to be there, almost always (90% of the time) for same-day service.

DIDJA KNOW? Alaskan Club Members have fewer breakdowns


Expect us to be there 10 minutes early (on-time is a big deal around here).  We’ll give you a 3-hour appointment window for when we’ll arrive and give you a call when we’re on the way.  That way you don’t waste your time sitting at home all day when you could be at work or having fun with the kids.

If we’re late, you don’t pay (our goof shouldn’t cost you).  Period.  No exceptions.

You’ll get options.  We’ll show you what’s wrong with your system, anything that is on its last legs and anything that could improve your comfort.  You choose the repair that’s best for your comfort and budget, from a bandage to just get by, or the “Ritz Carlton” treatment (we’ll fit your budget).

Fixed right the first time (and if it’s not…we make it right, free).  We can only do this, because our heater repair trucks are stocked every morning with all the parts and tools to perfectisize whatever repair you need.

Every heater repair comes with a warranty.  Depending on the option you choose, that’s up to two years.  If it fails in that time period, we fix it free.

Signs You Need a Heating Repair

 Because your heating system doesn’t run as frequently as in other parts of the country, you may not recognize that you have a problem before there is a complete shutdown. However, your equipment may be telling you of impending trouble if you pay attention. 

 Some signs are pretty obvious. If you smell smoke or any strange smell, it is time to call a professional technician. Noisy operation is another telltale sign. You want your system running quietly in the background without extra banging or clanging.

 It would help if you also looked for signs of decreasing efficiency. If the system has to run constantly to get your home to the right temperature, it may not be operating as it should. You will also notice the cost of this extra work when your utility bill arrives. Unexpectedly high charges should clue you in that you need a visit from one of our skilled repair techs.

Reasons to Work with Alaskan for Heating Repair Phoenix

 When it comes to heating repair Phoenix, nobody performs like Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating. We have a serious commitment to customer service. When you call us any time of the day or night, you will speak to a real, live Arizonan trained to handle your concerns and schedule you for the next available visit.

Respect for your Time

 You will receive a three-hour window for when our technicians arrive and a phone call when they are on the way. At Alaskan, we respect your time. If we can’t keep our promise to you, the service call is free.

Expert Repairs

 When the technicians arrive, they will diagnose the problem and explain your repair options. If you are thinking about replacing the system soon, you may only want a low-cost repair to get your equipment through the season. Once you decide, the team will get to work. We stock our trucks every morning so that our technicians have the tools and parts they need to handle the most common repairs.

Respect for your Property

 Our team will prepare the work area with drop cloths to clean your home. They will also tidy up after themselves and leave the space better than they found it.

Respect for our Customers

 When you want a courteous, professional approach to heating repair Phoenix, Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating is the right choice. If you have any problems with your heating system, contact us today.



…to make your Phoenix heating system last longer and lower utility bills


We’ll take care of your family and home with drop cloths, smiles, and good manners (our Mothers taught us to always wipe our feet and send you a picture of ourselves so you know who’s showing up).  We’ll leave it cleaner than we found it when we arrived.

Improve Your Air Quality. If you struggle with allergies, sickness or your house still seems hazy and dirty no matter how much cleaning you do, we can make it better.  It’s not only bad for your lungs, but it’s a sure sign your heater is having serious problems.  We can show you how to clean all the air in your home.  Eliminate mold, viruses, pollen and pet dander. Just ask your Alaskan technician to show you when they’re in your home.

When you think of heating repair, think Alaskan!

Call Alaskan Air Conditioning and Heating in Phoenix, AZ  as soon as you notice signs of heating system failure. We’re here for you, 24 hours a day!