Why Is My AC Leaking Water in Phoenix?

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Why Is My AC Unit Leaking Water In Phoenix?Is Your AC Unit Leaking Water?

Why is my AC unit leaking water in Phoenix? Is your cooling system suffering from excessive condensation in Phoenix? While unexpected liquids can be alarming, understanding the cause of air conditioner leaks is critical to preventing further damage and costly AC repairs.

Finding the source of condensation in your air conditioner can be tricky. Inadequate installation and maintenance of air conditioners can result in water running out. Clogged filters, blocked drain lines, and diminished refrigerant levels are all potential culprits behind this issue. With proper care and regular upkeep, you can avoid such occurrences.

Clogged Condensate Drain

With prolonged use of your AC, dirt and dust build up in the condensate drain line. Combined with moisture from the air conditioning unit, it creates a blockage that prevents proper drainage. The blockage leads to a clogged drain line which causes water to overflow from your AC – an all too common problem.

Low refrigerant

Do you need your air conditioning unit to be cooling more effectively? An AC not cooling can be a sign of low refrigerant levels. Unmonitored pressure drops have a domino effect. Reduced cold air displaced by evaporator coils can cause the evaporator coil to freeze up, leading to potential AC refrigerant leaks.

Avoid serious issues such as frozen coils in the future by staying on top of the problem. Proactively identify and promptly remedy any refrigerant discrepancies as soon as they arise.

Dirty Air Filter

Regularly changing your air filter can be just as damaging to your Air Conditioner as having enough refrigerant. A dirty or clogged filter will prevent the necessary airflow from reaching the evaporator coils, causing them to freeze and impair their functioning.

Frozen Evaporator coils can lead to costly repairs or a complete unit replacement. Avoid this scenario by proactively maintaining proper care for all components.

Damaged drain pan

There is some good news if you’re looking at an outdated air conditioning unit with a damaged drain pan. Cracked pans are more accessible to repair than those eaten away by rust. However, when it comes to the latter, all that’s left of them are often holes and only a little else.

How do you fix an air conditioning unit from leaking water?

Is water dripping from your air conditioning system? Find out how to get your AC back running smoothly in no time. Let’s explore the steps needed to remedy the problem.

  • Change the air filter – Keep your AC system running smoothly by investing in cheap, essential changes like air filters. This small but powerful switch can help stop leaks and will be more cost-efficient than replacing the entire unit.
  • Clean the Condensate drain line. – If the drain is clogged, one of the best remedies is to shut off your unit and remove its PVC cap. Shutting off the AC unit will give you a crystal clear view of the inside’s condition. Simplify and clean a clogged condensate drain line with a long wire brush.
  • Make sure the drain pan is the right fit – Air conditioning units require the perfect fitting drain pan. A mismatch will cause ACs to suffer, and rust or cracks can worsen it. Replacement is always better than making do with a poor substitute – so take your time dealing with your AC.
  • Don’t overwork the AC unit – Don’t let the hot summer days get to your head. While cranking up that AC may seem like a solution, it can have devastating long-term effects. Choosing a good temperature setting is best for your Air Conditioner and helps protect our environment. Setting the right temperature will keep you cool while reducing energy use and increasing efficiency.

Your air conditioner leaking water can cause damage to your unit and home. Take your time, and identify the issue today. Our comprehensive list of common causes gives you an overview of how to tackle this problem.

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