How To Keep Your AC Running Smoothly In The Summer

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R.How to keep your ac running smoothly in the summer?How to keep your AC running smoothly all summer long

Beat the heat this summer and keep your AC running smoothly with these helpful tips! Phoenix residents are especially vulnerable to extreme temperatures, so take extra caution when planning outdoor activities.

Additionally, be sure your HVAC system is up-to-date and prepared for a long season of hard work. Following our safety guidelines will help keep you cool inside while Mother Nature rages outside.

Regular AC maintenance checks, AC repairs and any preventive steps will amplify your system’s long-term performance. These AC services guarantee maximum cooling efficiency when temperatures skyrocket.

Excellent Air Conditioning Tips on how to keep your ac running smoothly in the Phoenix Summer Heat

  • Change air filters regularly – Keep your air conditioner system running its best by changing the filter every 30 days – especially in a desert climate. Even if it’s not visibly dirty, replacing the filter can make all the difference in efficiency and reduce added stress on your AC system.
  • Create some shade for your outdoor AC unit – Planting hedges or building a fence around it can make cooling your house easier by reducing how hard the hot unit has to work. Still, be sure not to suffocate it – give that air conditioner enough breathing room.
  • Set the temperature a few degrees higher – With summer here and air conditioning on the minds of many, wouldn’t it be great if you had a cinema-style cooling system in your house? You may not have that luxury, but an efficient way to keep your unit running longer is to find a temperature where you feel cool. Going easy on the AC will save energy (and money) while helping to extend its lifetime. Who doesn’t love saving more?
  • Switch to a smart thermostat – No more manually adjusting your AC. Smart thermostats are revolutionizing how we keep our homes comfortable. They automatically adjust the temperature when you’re away and change it back before you get home, giving your unit a break. Plus, adjusting the temperature can be completed with the touch of your phone. Welcome to the future way of staying cool.
  • AC Preventive Maintenance – With professional tune-up services from Alaskan Air, you can save yourself the headache of a costly breakdown and protect your wallet for years to come. Take your time – our technicians, with their air conditioner maintenance checklist, are ready to keep your AC running smoothly this season. Your AC will last longer throughout the Phoenix summer with annual maintenance.

Additional tips to keep your AC running smoothly in the Phoenix heat:

  • Check for leaks – To keep your air conditioner unit in good health, inspect the drip pan regularly for any signs of leakage. Too much liquid indicates that something may be wrong with your system and can lead to a breakdown if left unchecked. Having it examined by an HVAC technician is crucial in avoiding unpleasant surprises.
  • Improve airflow – Maximize efficiency and bolster air flow and circulation with simple tricks. Keep interior doors open, and install ceiling fans in your home. Doing so creates a more effortless flow of Air for the Air Conditioning unit to work at its peak performance. Plus, ensure you optimize the ceiling fan’s use by having it pull excellent Air from below rather than pushing hot down toward the floor.
  • Consider replacing your AC – If your air conditioner is aging, it could be time for an upgrade. Generally speaking, central AC’s have a 15-20 years lifespan, so if yours falls within that range, you should start looking into replacements. Plus, any signs like weak cooling or more significant higher energy bills signal the need to replace sooner rather than later.
  • Invest in Window Treatments – Maximize your home’s temperature comfort and aesthetic by strategically placing light-blocking window treatments in an east- and west-facing rooms. Investing in blinds, drapes, curtains, or blackout panels will help to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters these spaces during the most intense hours of daylight.
  • Reduce using appliances that generate heat – Avoid operating your dishwasher, oven, and clothes dryer during peak hours of the day. If you need to use these appliances, switch them on in cooler times, like evenings or nights instead. Furthermore, ensure that full loads are run each time to keep your home temperature pleasant and reduce appliance wear and tear.

Do you need Air Conditioning Services before the summer heat arrives?

Don’t let a malfunctioning air conditioner ruin your summer; get the help you need immediately. Our experienced AC technicians at Alaskan Air are ready to quickly tackle maintenance and troubleshooting or any ac repair. Returning excellent relief to your home. Give us a call today – we’ll have you feeling refreshed in no time.