Why Is The AC Unit Running But Not Cooling?

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Why Is The AC Unit Running But Not Cooling?Suppose your AC unit isn’t giving out cool air and cooling effectively and providing adequate relief from the heat. In that case, you should contact an AC technician to inspect your air conditioning unit thoroughly.

3 Reasons Your AC May Not Be Cooling

These are 3 areas an AC Repair technician will check when trying to diagnose an AC unit that is blowing, but not cooling.


Thermostat Issues

When Alaskan Air performs air conditioner maintenance, the AC technician assigned to the job thoroughly checks the thermostat. First, they review existing paperwork and device settings to ensure it functions as expected.

The technician then goes on to physically inspect the thermostat for any signs of disrepair or tampering. After their assessment, they can continue testing and repair if necessary.

Finally, the AC technician makes sure that we calibrate the thermostat correctly to perform optimally in the future. The AC technician’s process for checking a thermostat is comprehensive and professional, ensuring that customers get reliable AC service every time.


Air Filters

The AC technicians examine whether the AC air filter is clean and debris-free. If it isn’t, they replace it with a new filter as soon as possible.

A fresh filter in your AC unit ensures it runs smoothly and purifies the air in your home, preventing any contaminants from entering. Through this critical process, AC technicians can provide AC repair of the highest quality and ensure a customer’s complete satisfaction with their AC maintenance services.


Condenser Coils

Alaskan Air technicians will inspect condenser coils to ensure they are not blocked by debris, like grass, leaves, and dirt. Clogs may prevent AC units from operating efficiently, so an expert will check for optimal performance.

Additionally, our AC technician will identify any corrosion that would restrict airflow, which may cause significant problems down the road. These inspection steps ensure homeowners get the best AC service possible.


Frozen Evaporator Coils

Your AC unit contains an evaporator coil that removes heat and humidity from the Air, leaving you with cool, conditioned air. Unfortunately, if this coil ices over, your cold airflow will stop.

Signs that the Evaporator Coil is Frozen:

  • Poor, ineffective cooling
  • Increase in energy bills
  • Frost accumulating on the copper refrigerant tubing
  • Excessive condensate drainage

Don’t panic if your air conditioner is unresponsive. Our licensed, experienced HVAC technicians can quickly tackle the issue and have you feeling cool in no time. Even when faced with the challenge of fixing a frozen evaporator.


Refrigerant Leaks

It’s easy to forget the crucial role of refrigerant in keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly, but it’s essential for extracting warm and humid indoor air. With proper levels of this chemical, performance can improve, and you may end up with a complete breakdown.

If you suspect an issue related to low refrigerant levels, Alaskan Air has qualified HVAC technicians ready to come out and check on things immediately so they can make repair any leaks.


Heat Pump Damage

Your outdoor unit could be a heat pump, which looks almost identical to an AC system but has different components that enable it to cool and warm your home.

However, the same issues can arise from heat pumps just like air conditioners: dirty or clogged coils; frozen or leaking refrigerant; defective compressors – so if you’re having cooling troubles at home despite checking thermostat settings and filters for problems, call Alaskan Air now.


Leaky Air Ducts

Unplugging your air conditioner and checking for ductwork leaks can help restore cooling comfort to your home. When guiding conditioned air throughout a house, any leak in the AC’s ducts can throw off this process and cause warm air to enter from the attic – leading to increased indoor temperatures.

To avoid these issues, Let Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating quickly identify and repair any potential problems with your ducts.


Get Help

Regarding AC repair, Alaskan Air offers top-notch AC services to ensure that the AC unit runs optimally and is cooling correctly. While the AC may appear to be running, it could have an underlying cooling issue that isn’t readily apparent.

Experienced AC technicians are well-trained in AC maintenance procedures and can accurately diagnose issues with your HVAC systems to resolve them quickly and efficiently and have the AC running smoothly.

If your AC unit has been giving you headaches due to frequent repairs, it might be time for an AC replacement. Constant breakdowns, inadequate cooling and noisy operation are big red flags – so don’t wait any longer; upgrade now. Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating offers professional AC installations in Phoenix and surrounding areas.