How long do air conditioners last in Phoenix?

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How long do Air Conditioners last in Phoenix?How long do air conditioners last in Phoenix, AZ?

Alaskan AC & Heating has extensively researched the longevity of AC units in the Phoenix, AZ, area. How long do air conditioners last in Phoenix? Based on our findings, an air conditioning system can last an average of 14 to 18 years. With proper maintenance and care, of course, to maintain the AC unit’s lifespan. Maintenance should include the following:

  • Regular cleaning of the filter and coils,
  • Ensuring ice does not build up around the evaporator coil, and
  • Inspecting for possible leaks or other potential problems.

Quality materials used in installation will also contribute to the longevity of an Air Conditioning unit in Phoenix. Alaskan AC & Heating provides its customers with top quality materials and expertise. We help to ensure that their AC unit lasts as long as possible.
Get your AC repaired if you have persistent problems. Immediately call an AC Technician from Alaskan Air to solve the issues.

Discover How Long Do Air Conditioners will last in Phoenix

Interested in learning how long your air conditioner will last in Phoenix? Look no further than Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating! We have the information to select a suitable unit and extend its lifespan with professional maintenance services. Keep the heat from getting you down. Avoid costly ac repairs and contact Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating immediately when you have an AC problem.

Repair the AC unit without delay.

Alaskan AC & Heating offers reliable AC repair services in Phoenix, AZ. This high-quality service prevents AC breakdowns and keeps them functioning optimally. With Alaskan’s experience and expertise, you can trust that your cooling system will be in top working order. No matter the temperature outside.

The main benefit of professional AC repair is that it lengthens your unit’s lifespan, saving you money in the long run. Additionally, Alaskan AC & Heating techs are meticulous in their work. They diagnose any issues quickly and cover all aspects of maintenance and repair so that your system runs at peak performance for many years.

Routine AC maintenance

Learn how long air conditioners last in the Phoenix area, what to look for when selecting a unit, and tips on extending their lifespan with professional maintenance services. Keeping your central air conditioning unit running at its best is a breeze with our AC maintenance programs in Phoenix. Make sure to call us twice yearly. Once for a furnace service call in autumn and again to maintain your AC system during spring. Remember, AC units need bi-annual care too.

AC maintenance is necessary for Phoenix homeowners to keep their ac units running smoothly and avoid costly ac repairs. Regular care can help prolong the life of your air conditioner while ensuring you’re keeping cool during scorching summer days.

Regular cleaning of the filter and coils

Keeping your AC system in good condition is essential for a comfortable home. To ensure it runs as efficiently as possible, check and replace the air filters monthly if they are dirty. When obstructions limit airflow into your unit, so does its performance efficiency – resulting in heightened wear-and-tear of the equipment. Regular filter replacements will help keep running costs low and extend your AC’s lifespan.

Proactive ac tune ups is the secret to getting the maximum life out of your AC. Make sure you regularly clean and inspect any coils for optimal functionality.

Check for potential AC issues.

To ensure your air conditioners stand the test of time in Phoenix. Regularly inspecting it for potential issues can help keep cool air in your home and help you stay comfortable.

Phoenix, AZ’s scorching temperatures make it necessary for home owners to have proper air conditioning. Avoid damaging ice buildup in the summer month to guarantee efficient performance. Frequent maintenance is critical to keep your AC running smoothly.

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Our professional techs provide onsite assessments. We help you decide if your current system is worth repairing or if investing in a new one makes more sense. Alaskan AC & Heating offers breakthrough comfort services in the Phoenix area.

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