How To Prepare Your AC For The Phoenix Summer

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How To Prepare Your AC For The Phoenix SummerPreparing Your AC For The Phoenix Summer

How To Prepare Your AC For The Phoenix Summer. As the Arizona summer approaches, preparing your AC to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency is essential. Here are a few tips from Alaskan AC & Heating to help you get started before a breakdown and a costly AC repair is needed:

  1. Replace your air filter to ensure proper airflow and reduce strain on your system.
  2. Clean the outdoor unit, removing any debris or vegetation that may obstruct airflow.
  3. Schedule a professional maintenance appointment to have your AC inspected and serviced by a licensed technician.

By following these simple steps, you’ll not only stay cool during the brutal Phoenix summer, but you’ll also save money on your energy bills. With years of experience, you can trust Alaskan AC & Heating to provide reliable and efficient HVAC services.

What are the top reasons why the AC breaks down during the summer?

Phoenix is notorious for its scorching summer days, which drive residents and visitors alike to turn up their air conditioners. But with increased use of AC units also comes an elevated risk of breakdowns–not exactly ideal when the thermometer hits triple digits. Learn how to prepare your AC unit for the Phoenix summer.

Summer is the season of fluctuating temperatures, which could strain your air conditioner and result in breakdowns. To help you avoid any unnecessary surprises during this warm time, here are some potential causes for AC failures:

  • Extreme heat – Without the proper preventative maintenance, you may be in a hot situation this summer. Please don’t wait until it’s too late: regularly change your air filter, clean around the outside unit, and schedule an annual tune-up for peak performance during those summer months.
  • AC unit overheats – Your air conditioner works hard to keep you cool during the summer, but too much work can be harmful. Overheating may cause your AC to trip the circuit breaker, designed for one purpose: protecting your home from dangerous electrical currents. If left unchecked, overheating and frequent tripping of the breaker could lead to the breakdown of your AC unit itself and the damage done directly to those crucial wiring components in its path – namely, in the form of an unprotected electrical panel. Fixing this issue should be a top priority.
  • The AC unit is old – An older air conditioning system is less reliable, with unexpected breakdowns becoming far more likely. Be aware of costly repairs – have an AC evaluation before your unit reaches 10-15 years old to ensure uninterrupted performance and peace of mind.

Tips to avoid an AC breakdown

With a better understanding of the most common summertime AC breakdowns, take preemptive measures to maintain your system’s health and efficiency. Follow these tips for keeping your air conditioner in excellent working order all season. Learn how to prepare your AC unit for the Phoenix summer with these tips.

1. Check your thermostat

The first thing you should do if your AC is not working is to check your thermostat. Ensure to set the thermostat at the correct temperature and that the mode is “cool.” If the thermostat is not working correctly, it may cause your AC unit to malfunction.

2. Check the AC unit itself

If the thermostat is working correctly, the next thing you should do is check the AC unit itself. Ensure that nothing is blocking the airflow and that all connections are secure. Additionally, you should check the outdoor unit to ensure no debris or dirt is clogging the coils.

  • Ensure that all large obstructions, such as sticks, leaves, and debris, are cleared away from the coils of your outdoor unit. Removing obstacles is critical for the optimal performance of your air conditioning system since these small metal fins influence internal temperature regulation.
  • Ensure your outdoor unit’s optimal performance and heat expulsion by planting greenery 3 feet away – a simple tip that goes a long way.
  • Keeping your outdoor unit clean is always a good idea, especially if you can see dirt building up. To do this safely and effectively, use a garden hose sprayer on its lowest setting – any higher may harm the coils.

3. Clean the filters

One of the most common reasons for an AC unit to malfunction is dirty filters. Your AC unit’s filters need regular cleaning to prevent them from becoming clogged. When the filters are clogged, it can cause the AC unit to work harder than it needs to, leading to various problems. Clean the filters regularly to help prepare your AC unit for the summer in Phoenix.

4. Check for leaks

Another common problem that can cause an AC unit to malfunction is leaks. Leaks can occur in an AC system’s indoor and outdoor units. If you suspect that there may be a leak, you should contact a professional AC repair technician as soon as possible.

5. Check for frozen coils

Frozen coils are another common problem that can cause an AC unit to malfunction. The coils in your AC unit can become frozen if they are not receiving enough airflow. Dirty filters or a blocked air duct can often cause this. If you suspect your coils are frozen, turn off your AC unit and contact a professional for assistance.

6. Replace worn parts

Over time, certain AC unit parts will wear out, and replacement is needed. Some of the most common parts that need replacement are the compressor, fan motor, and blower motor. If any of these parts are not working correctly, it can cause your AC unit to malfunction.

7. Schedule an AC Maintenance

Prepare your air conditioning system for the warmer months ahead and safeguard your home from potential issues by scheduling a yearly AC maintenance visit with an established HVAC contractor. During this check-up, the technician will inspect all vital components of your AC to ensure maximum performance and clean and lubricate parts so that they operate without fail.

Invest in regular AC maintenance today and reap the rewards of:

  • Lowered energy costs
  • Improved indoor comfortability
  • Decreased risk of system breakdowns during warm months.

Ask your HVAC contractor to inspect all relevant components for optimal performance thoroughly to prepare you AC unit for the Phoenix summer.

You can expect the AC tech to check the following AC component:

  • Thermostat calibration
  • Equipment condition
  • Blower components
  • Air handler/furnace
  • Electrical connections
  • Condenser and evaporator coils
  • Airflow
  • Safety controls
  • Refrigerant pressure
  • Drip pan and condensate drain lines

Invest in your HVAC system and benefit from a thorough inspection. Ask what’s included during the service, then look forward to an all-inclusive report detailing how to protect and improve your unit’s performance. Trust your AC repairs to our experienced technicians for a stress-free experience.

Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating can help you avoid an AC disaster before the Phoenix summer heat.

As the days become warmer, ensure your air conditioning is ready to handle the summer heat. Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating can help you stay cool and avoid a potential disaster in advance.

Enjoy the Phoenix summer with Alaskan Air Conditioning and Heating. Our technicians are NATE & Trust Certified experts, providing superior air conditioning service that is reliable, dependable – and won’t break the bank. Stop worrying about outdated systems or trouble repairs; trust our certified team to give you the peace of mind you need for a comfortable home all year round.