5 Tips to Boost Your AC Performance Before the Heat Arrives

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HVAC Services in Phoenix, AZ 5 Tips for Preparing Your AC Before the Heat Arrives

5 Tips for Preparing Your AC Before the Heat Arrives

Summer is coming soon and many people rely on their air conditioner to stay cool. I love my air conditioner during the hot summer months. But here’s the kicker, your AC, also known as “Old Faithful” in my home, ain’t gonna get your back without a little TLC from you. Get the AC ready  before it gets too hot.

We’re not talking about just flipping the switch on that thing. Oh no, we’re going to chat about being one step ahead. Trust me, if your AC stops working in the summer heat, you’ll feel uncomfortable and sweaty. The heat can be unbearable without a working AC.

You’ll be left feeling sticky and hot. It’s important to have a functioning AC during the hot summer months. Here are our top 5 homeowner-friendly tips to ensure your AC is  ready to roll when the heat arrives.

Get Familiar with Your AC

Think you can dabble in a little AC “mechanic-ing”? Well, fear not – it’s not rocket science. Start with the basics. Locate your condenser unit (it’s the one that looks like it’s been doing push-ups all winter) and give it some breathing room.

Clear the debris, leaves, and cruddy stuff from around it. Why? Because your AC needs space to suck in that all-important air. Picture your AC like an introverted houseplant; it needs its personal space to thrive. I can assure you this little act of kindness can go a long way.


The filter in your AC is the unsung hero that blocks the baddies – dust, dander, and more words that don’t start with ‘d’. But this hero can’t keep front-line defense forever. It needs a break, more like, it needs you to give it a break.

The general rule, change your filter every 90 days. But here’s a pro tip – if you’ve got a fluffy buddy (read pet) or make like the Tasmanian Devil in spring cleaning, consider a monthly date with this hero. A clean filter means better air quality and a more efficient AC.

Duct Work Tips

Ductwork often feels like the mysterious netherworld of your home maintenance, but it’s essential to keep the air flowing. A home with ductwork is kind of like a bottle of fine wine, it’s all about the year.

Except this year, ‘the year’ is about checking for leaks, poor connections, messes, and, brace yourself, the occasional unwanted squatter (critters often think ducts are the new craze in real estate.

It’s best to hire a professional to check your ducts. This will prepare your home for hot weather and prevent your cooling system from working too hard.

Thermostat Tips

Not all heroes wear capes; some prefer a subtle beige plastic wall mount. The thermostat is your AC’s general, except you play a crucial role in the tactics.

A programmable thermostat can be your air conditioner’s peaceful negotiator. It’s a bit like setting a security system for optimal AC function. When no one’s home, give the AC some downtime.

Program it to relax when you’re out and start the cool party right before you return – all while cutting down the dough you dish out to conquer Mother Nature’s heat waves.

Sealing the Deal with Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors aren’t just avenues for sunlight and life advice; they’re the biggest players in your home’s thermal performance.

Make sure your abode’s air integrity is top-tier by sealing any leaks. Invest in some caulk for those window sills and weatherstripping for any pesky drafts. Your AC will thank you by running more efficiently, and your wallet will echo the sentiment.

There you have it, folks – the homeowner’s guide to prepping your AC. It’s not miraculous magic; it’s merely acting before you need to react. Show “Old Faithful” a little love, and it’ll keep on cooling through the sweltering days, just like it should.


Remember, the tortoise may have won the race, but in this case, the hare (or rather, your AC) doesn’t need to nap.
Maybe you enjoy unexpected chaos, like when the AC repairman arrives or you get a cold shower. Everyone has their preferences.

If you want to stay cool this summer, these tips for using air conditioning can help. They can help you adjust to the warmer weather.

Your home and heart may be bespoke, but the need to prep for the seasons is universal. And yes, I managed to slip one not-on-the-list word in there, but I’ll take a gentle reminder for it, not a scolding.