How To Protect Your AC Unit From Thieves in Phoenix

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how to protect your ac unit from thieves in phoenixProtecting your AC unit from thieves in Phoenix

Follow these tips on how to protect your AC unit from thieves in Phoenix. Ensure your Phoenix AC unit is not a theft target with these tips. Protecting the system from thieves can reduce costs and keep it running smoothly during peak seasons. You’ll be able to take steps now to secure your new air conditioner during the AC installation and stay cool all summer.

  • AC Cage – Secure your air conditioner with an effective solution: An AC cage. This steel-constructed covering prevents theft of the entire unit by anchoring it to a solid surface. Its mesh walls ensure that no thief can reach in and steal valuable copper coils inside. Protect your AC unit from thieves in Phoenix today and deter thieves from taking your AC’s copper lines.
  • Locked Disconnect Box – Thieving an air conditioning unit may seem like a simple task, but in fact, it isn’t. A thief must access the “disconnect box,” which contains the power and is near the AC unit. Sometimes even with its padlock for extra protection. Taking time out of their heist could drive away would-be burglars looking for easy pickings.
  • Security Cameras – Secure your space and unmask the perpetrator of any air conditioner robberies with security cameras and motion-sensor lights. Strategically placed security cameras effectively get a complete picture of any incident and ensure you serve justice immediately.
  • Alarms – Protect your AC unit from thieves in Phoenix with specialized alarms to deter theft. These devices generate an audible alert when disconnected or moved, making would-be thieves think twice about stealing cooling units. Install an alarm or home security system to deter air conditioner theft.
  • Motion Sensor Light – When darkness cloaks the night sky, thieves lurk in pursuit of ill-gotten gains. Motion-sensor lights can act as a deterrent to criminal activity. They provide enough light that potential wrongdoers are startled and made aware of their exposure. Adding these lights means providing extra security against robbery – even if said robberies occur at night.

Why Steal an AC unit?

Copper thieves are causing costly damages to unsuspecting homeowners. Upon taking the AC unit, criminals can sell it off at local scrapping companies requiring an EPA license and Driver’s License. Copper from the AC can net them $50-$100, forcing homeowners into replacing the units with thousands of dollars in costs.

Let Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating help you protect your AC unit from thieves in Phoenix.

Our HVAC technicians can provide you with the peace of mind that your air conditioning unit is secure against any thieves. Please find out how to ensure your home and its surrounding fixtures are entirely safe from copper thefts today.

Keeping your air conditioning system safe is essential, but only some take the necessary steps. Alaskan AC & Heating can ensure your entire home or business protection in Phoenix. Our experienced techs provide exceptional service and quality new units to keep your indoor environments comfortable all year round.

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