How much an AC installation cost?

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The average cost of an AC installation in Phoenix
How much an AC installation cost?

How much does an ac installation cost in Phoenix? Would installing a new AC unit in your Phoenix, AZ, home boost its value? Our customers often ask us this question – and the answer is yes. Investing in an up-to-date air conditioning system adds tangible real estate market benefits to any homes value.

Are you Hunting for a new HVAC unit to keep your family comfy? Are you concerned about the costs of a new air conditioner and what features you should have? Alaskan AC & Heating is here with the expertise to help you get an AC best suited to your home.

How Much Do New AC Systems and installation Cost in Phoenix?

Homeowners in Phoenix are preparing to invest wisely and beat the summer heat. Prices may vary when you get an efficient Central Air Conditioner system installed. Some cost include installation services only and not ductwork upgrades.

The air conditioner costs may fluctuate depending on other factors:

  • Square footage of your home – The heat load and overall dimensions of your space determine the unit size you need. Make sure to get what’s required to keep every corner comfortable.
  • Type of AC unit – Find the perfect balance between comfort and cost with single-stage, two-stage, or modulating AC technology. Enjoy optimal AC results without compromising on expenses.
  • Quality of installation – Installation costs may vary depending on various considerations. Such as quality and detail, and watch for shifts in the final price.
  • This purchase comes with the complete package – protect your investment with a top-notch warranty, including parts, labor, and maintenance. Prices may vary depending on other factors.

Choosing a Heat Pump system as your air conditioning unit

Homeowners in warmer climates like Phoenix are switching to heat pumps, which act as central air conditioners and heating systems. Heat pumps provide high efficiency that helps lower the long-term costs of keeping your home comfortable all year round. It comes with an initial investment. Investing in a heat pump could be well worth it.

Choosing a Ductless Mini-Split HVAC system with good energy efficiency ratings.

Are you looking to upgrade the climate control of your home? Ductless mini-split systems may be what you need. These units provide easy, efficient temperature control without requiring any ductwork – perfect for additions or older homes lacking infrastructure.
Prices vary depending on how many rooms are heated and cooled.

Add-ons & other features to the HVAC system

Are you upgrading your home’s climate control system? Consider installing a zoning system for targeted temperature control throughout the spaces of your house. You can personalize Zoning systems to fit each family member’s unique needs or preferences.

Upgrading your thermostat is a must when replacing an HVAC system. Choose from budget friendly basic models to luxurious wifi programmable  options. Make sure you pick the right thermostat for maximum benefit.

Is your old central AC system costing you money?

Investing in a new heating and cooling system may seem costly. Replacing your current HVAC could also cost you money. Studies show that it’s one of the most energy consuming appliances in our homes. To assess both options before making any decisions.

Replace your aging system with a more efficient model and watch the savings grow. When investing in new HVAC systems, customers save 20-40% on their energy costs. That adds up to big money over time. Keep cool this summer without breaking the bank, and save on energy bills.

Take preventative measures now. Investing in a newer air conditioner installed could help avoid the financial burden of emergency repairs and save your family celebrations. Older units are often not covered under warranties like new ones. Meaning costly tune-ups can only be possible to anticipate if things break down.

Choose Alaskan AC & Heating to install your new HVAC system.

Is your home’s AC system feeling under the weather? Upgrade to new and improved comfort with Alaskan AC & Heating. Our team will perform a complete home audit.

Quite a few of our customer ask, how much an AC installation cost. We will consider all aspects of ductwork, attic space, etc., before providing you with a free no, obligation price estimate. Contact us today for more details. Getting comfortable living in style has never been easier or faster with seasonal energy efficiency on a new AC.

Expert techs at Alaskan AC & Heating understand that cost is an essential factor – so we offer a range of options to make treatment more available. Our team would be delighted to discuss details about our financing plans with you.