Marana AC Installation & Replacement

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AC Installation

Get to Know an Obsessive Polar Bear

We Believe in our five Marana AC installation inspections

…and fresh, comfortable air in every room

…and customized ducts

…and getting the job done in one day

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Obsessive about doing it right

Our FIVE Marana AC installation inspections are total overkill (for other companies). The Polar Bear Installer on the job at your house checks his own work. Then…

A second Polar Bear checks that the first did it right. Then…

Somebody else follows up to be sure Polar Bear #2 got it right. Then…

A fourth, even more obsessive, Polar Bear checks up on Bear 1, 2, and 3. Then…

You guessed it: We have a fifth super-duper-over-the-top-picky-Polar Bear to make sure those other Bears got it right.

Some call that obsessive. We call it THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

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Obsessed with Your Comfort

There’s nothing that upsets a Polar Bear more than being uncomfortable. It’s not enough just to plunk the AC or Heater in the house and call it a day. No way, Polar Bear. Each install we do is CUSTOMIZED for your home. When we customize for your home, we Polar Bear Promise that no matter which room you go in your home…you’ll have the same, fresh, humidity-free, comfortable air.

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Duct Installations

Obsessive About Ducts

We fabricate air ducts to fit your house. That means fewer joints and connections where air can leak out. But our obsession doesn’t stop there. We get INSIDE the ducts and Aeroseal them from the unit to all your rooms. Aeroseal is another layer of protection that prevents you from cooling or heating your attic for no reason. It’s an extra step that makes your system run more efficiently, which saves you money and makes the whole thing last longer!

We think a lot about the stuff you never see. Let’s get installing!

Obsessive About NOT Wasting Your Time

You better believe our obsessive Polar Bears measure twice and cut once (then check the work 5 times). We spend time planning each install to get it right…and get it done in the shortest amount of time. We believe if it can’t be done in just one day, it’s a poorly planned installation. We get the job done quickly…and we get it done CORRECTLY (you don’t want to answer to those Obsessive Polar Bear inspectors).

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Polar Bears

A Celebration of Polar Bears

No joke. That’s what it’s called when you see a group of Polar Bears. Like a “school of fish,” a “herd of cows,” or an “army of frogs.” When Polar Bears get together, it’s called a “celebration.” And you have to look no further than a thousand 5-star reviews to see who’s really doing the celebrating.

When you spend a flock of dollars to get your home comfortable, you want your installers to suffer from O.P.B.D. (Obsessive Polar Bear Disorder).

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