Heating Maintenance Tucson

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Heating Maintenance

Get Ready for Winter.  Get ALASKAFIED

  • More than a flimsy tune-up
  • Guaranteed NO breakdowns for A FULL YEAR
  • Systems last substantially longer
  • You will save as much as 25% on utilities
  • Covering more than 33 crucial points on your system
  • Alaskafied Systems are safer systems

More Than a Flimsy Tune-Up

This is no time for a low-rate “tune-up.”  You need the our Heater ALASKAFICATION.  When we Alaskafy your heater is like rolling back time to the day it was first installed.  Our crew cleans, tightens, lubricates, vacuums, and shines up your system so it can keep you comfy all night.

Guaranteed NO breakdowns for a YEAR

Yep.  We will get you through this winter and next.  We are so confident that an Alaskafication of your heater will make it run better for longer we POLAR BEAR PROMISE it will not break down for a full year.  If it does, we give you your money back (or deduct those bucks from the cost of the repair).

Heating Maintenance

Alaskan Club Members get TWO Alaskafications every year!

Lasts Longer

A little Alaskafication now means your system will last longer than a system that gets ignored.  Your HVAC unit was working hard this summer and now it’s time to clean it up!  When we get the gross dirt, dust, and grime out of there, you’ll have many more years of a healthy heater than your next door neighbor does!

Save on Utility Bills

The harder your system works, the more it costs to keep you warm.  When it’s running efficiently it does its job better, and you pay less when your utility bill comes. It’s not unusual for Alaskafied systems to cost as much as 25% less to run.

More Than 33 Crucial Points

We paw around places in your heating system you probably didn’t know even existed.  We look for things that rattle.  Things that need lubrication.  Things that need to be cleaned up.  Things that need to be replaced.  And things that need to be filled, measured, and calibrated.  We don’t miss a thing.

Safety First. Safety Always.

We won’t leave until we know for sure your system is healthy and safe.  We’re looking to make sure the wiring is secure, fuses are doing their jobs, drains and lines are functional, CO alarms are protecting your family, and your duct-work is moving the air properly.  It’s hugely important to you and your family…and it’s a key part of our Alaskafications.  Every…single…time.

We do things the Alaskan way, Not the cheap way!

Avoid preventable repairs with yearly heating maintenance from Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating. Call our certified heating professionals in Tucson to get started today!

Why Choose Alaskan Air Conditioning and Heating?

Don’t waste money on heating contractors with less experience. Trust in the more than 45 years of experience we have at Alaskan Air Conditioning & Heating to provide you with the most thorough and effective heating maintenance services available in the Tucson area.