How To Protect Your AC Unit From Thieves in Tucson

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How To Protect Your AC Unit From Thieves In TucsonProtecting your AC unit from thieves in Tucson

Protect your Tucson AC unit from thieves with these security tips. Taking proactive measures to protect the system can prevent costly repairs or replacements while ensuring optimal performance during peak seasons. Don’t let thieves spoil summer – secure your air conditioner unit from theft during the new AC installation today and keep cool in peace of mind.

  • AC Cage – Avoid the heartache of property theft and protect your air conditioner with an AC cage. This secure steel covering anchors your unit to a solid surface. It discourages potential thieves with mesh walls inhibiting access to valuable copper coils. Reclaim peace of mind today by safeguarding against costly losses associated with these all-too-common thefts and protect your AC unit from thieves in Tucson.
  • Locked Disconnect Box – Despite its seemingly simple appearance, thieving an air conditioning unit is anything but straightforward. Burglars should think twice before attempting to break into a secure disconnect box. Its power supply and thorough protection with padlocks could prove too much of an obstacle.
  • Security Cameras – Protect your space from any air conditioner thefts with the help of security cameras and motion-sensor lights. With these tools, you can swiftly apprehend the culprit behind such crimes. Security cameras can show a view of what happened on-site. Solving this mystery couldn’t be easier when protecting your AC unit from thieves in Tucson.
  • Alarms – Keep your air conditioners safe and sound with specialized alarms. Ensure any would-be thieves think twice by choosing an alarm or home security system. Install an alarm that emits a loud alert if disconnected or moved to deter thieves from stealing units and copper lines.
  • Motion Sensor Light – Darkness provides the perfect cover for criminal activity but doesn’t have to remain a sanctuary. Motion-sensor lights are an effective defense against would-be robbers. They startle and expose potential wrongdoers to deter illicit behavior at night. Enhance the security of your property day or night and protect your AC unit from thieves in Tucson with this advanced preventive measure.

Why Steal an AC unit?

Homeowners are vulnerable to the devastating financial losses caused by copper thieves. These criminal elements profit from stolen air conditioners, selling their valuable parts. Sometimes for as much as fifty to one hundred dollars, leaving victims with costly repair bills over thousands of dollars.

Local scrapping companies require appropriate identification before exchanging presumably stolen materials to combat these insurgences and protect homeowners, including an EPA license and a valid Driver’s License or ID card. Contact Alaskan AC & Heating to learn more about tips on how to protect your AC unit from thieves in Tucson.

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