Two Words With Lots of Meaning: PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE

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First, let’s talk about the word “preventive.” Preventive vs. Preventative…which is right?

The short answer is both. There is really no difference between the meaning of preventive and preventative. But, for the record, “preventive” is used by grammarists more frequently than preventative. Both words are “used to stop something bad from happening.” Both words are commonly used in contexts concerning health care, as in preventive medicine; and, in automobile check-ups to prevent problems from starting and/or to catch and fulfill recall notices; and, even grass needs a preventive maintenance program to battle weeds.

So…which word you use doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the meaning: to prevent something bad from happening! Preventive or preventative… the meaning is to keep something operational and you need to do it. You need to prevent bad things from happening!

Preventive maintenance with your heating and cooling system is critically important to keeping your biggest (and most expensive) home system working for years to come without problems. Preventive maintenance will not only keep your HVAC system operational, it will keep it working at highest efficiency and help keep those high utility bills in check. What preventive maintenance on the HVAC does in fact is to check for leaks, tighten connections, lubricate moving parts, change the filters, and test the thermostat: all of which affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling.  And, it troubleshoots potential issues BEFORE they happen!

Unlike preventive medicine whereby you have to schedule and manage it, we have a program for the HVAC that we manage for you. We call it ALASKAFY A/C MAINTENANCE. With an Alaskification of your HVAC system, we’ll come out twice a year — once for your cooling system and once for your heating system — to ensure its problem-free operation. You sign up once and we will manage the scheduling of your HVAC year after year. We’ll call with your scheduled Alaskification preventive maintenance appointments and send out one of our expert technicians to do the preventive check-up to prepare your system for the upcoming season.

So, HVAC preventive or preventative maintenance…either way, it needs to be scheduled!  Here’s where you do that: