Is Running Your AC All Day Bad for the System?

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Running your air conditioner non-stop for extended periods like we do here in Arizona isn’t something we can do anything about, especially after the excessive heat we’ve endured this summer! But, with that, more wear and tear on the unit will occur.

Dirt, dust, lint, dander and more particles and pollutants will build-up during this extended use and can obstruct the air filter. This may cause a significant drop in cooling efficiency, which can lead to problems with your cooling. Moreover, running your A/C all day will lead to higher utility bills. Air conditioning units account for approximately 40-50% of energy consumed by the average household.
Alaskan Air Conditioning suggests regular check-ups and maintenance on the A/C at least once a year. Changing the air filter will be your best defense against problems with the A/C and problem-free operation and should be done once a month in our area.
We have a program that will help you keep the A/C cooling and running most efficiently. Call today to learn more about Alaskafication.