Whole House Ventilation Systems

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Whole House Ventilation Systems

Today’s homes are built to be airtight to maximize energy efficiency, but this causes a problem for indoor air quality because it allows pollutants and contaminants to build up in your home environment. So what can you do to improve your home’s air quality? For many of our Phoenix and Tucson area customers the answer is adding a new system. A new whole house ventilation system promotes the indoor air quality of your home by providing fresh, clean air. It exchanges the polluted indoor air for cleaner outdoor air, without changing the temperature of your home. Integrating this system into your heating and air conditioning system can reduce the installation cost of the ventilation system by making use of existing fans and ducts to distribute fresh outdoor air throughout the house.

Benefits of a Whole House Ventilation System

  • Cleaner Air.  You can reduce the amount of pollutants in your air without needing to open a single window or door.
  • Helps Control Humidity Levels. This helps control the indoor humidity levels by transferring in air that has not been dried out by your HVAC system.
  • Energy Efficiency. While opening a window will help ventilate your home, it lets your conditioned air escape, too. These systems are inexpensive to operate and can retain 70-80 percent of your conditioned temperature of your indoor air that leaves your home.


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