The Tucson Polarizer

WIlburrr Mascot - Alaskan AC

Let’s be honest…The Alaskafication is pretty amazing.

But now we have something even AMAZINGER…

The POLARIZER!! (echo echo echo)

Let’s cut to the chase: This is like getting a practically NEW Air Conditioner or Heater for just $1999

Alaskan Club member? Get a 10% discount. Only $1799.97

We’ve taken all the yummy bits of The Alaskafication:

And we’ve added a MOUNTAIN of delicious toppings!

Maybe some pictures will help

Sitting out in the Arizona weather, the insides corrode and collect all kinds of gross dirt.
Gross AC without Polarizer
This stuff is fighting against your system and robbing you years of reliable service.
Gross AC without Polarizer
Gross AC without Polarizer

We aren’t going to let that happen.

We clean…

Cleaning AC System Polarizer

And clean…

(I mean… would you look at how clean those wires are??)

Cleaning AC System

I bet you’ve never seen those thingys…

(but MAN are they CLEAN!!)

AC Cleaning Parts

That baby should be on a magazine cover

Freshly Cleaning AC Unit Clean Ducts

This is easily over $3297 worth of work. But are we asking for $3297?

NO way. Schedule your Polarizer today it’s only $1999

Alaskan Club members get a 10% discount. Only $1799.97

It’s like getting a brand new AC or Heater for just $1999. This…changes…everything

When you REALLY want to REALLY care for your AC and heater… and REALLY add REAL years to your system.

GET THE POLARIZER (echo echo echo echo)