The Award-Winning Sensi™ Touch Wi-Fi Smart Stat

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When it comes to smart thermostats, the Sensi™ Touch is at the top of the class! In fact, declared the Sensi™ Touch as the “Best Overall Smart Thermostat” for 2019.

Aside from it’s handsome contemporary look with high definition screen, it’s loaded with features that make your home smarter including away-from-home energy savings, flexible programming and remote access through the App.

Usage reports provide insight into your energy usage and suggest ways you can save even more. Smart humidity control alerts let you know if humidity levels are high and what you can do to lower them to improve the air you breathe in your home.

Best of all, “Contractor-on-Call” is just a touch away. At any time you have HVAC system issues, you simply touch a button programmed into the smart stat and Alaskan Air Conditioning is notified to check it out.

5 Buildings. 280 Thermostats. 62,000 Students. 7,400 Staff. And, One Simple Way to Manage it All! This is Sensi’s Multiple Thermostat Manager.

With Sensi’s energy management system, The Multiple Thermostat Manager, facility managers can control comfort across many locations from one centralized computer. No complicated features—just full control for total comfort in the working spaces of the buildings they manage including group scheduling/energy savings settings, smart alerts and keypad lockout. Subscription service is free for first 30 days and only $1 a month thereafter.

But don’t take our work for it, read this success story about a school district in Florida with 62,000 students, 7,400 teachers and staff, and 280 thermostats. The reality of excessive energy usage led the school board to find a quick and easy solution. Installation of the Sensi™ Touch thermostat in every existing stat location in the school district (3 buildings) and the Multiple Thermostat Manager was that solution at the savings of $30,000 in energy costs the first year. But, not just that, with the humidification/dehumidification controls, indoor air quality was improved.

If the Sensi™ Touch sounds like the answer to your high utility bills, energy management problems, and indoor air quality issues, give Alaskan Air Conditioning a call. Your energy savings alone will pay for itself for this easy swap-out of the best thermostat of 2019.