How Often Should You Service Your AC in Phoenix?

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How Often Should Your Service Your AC in Phoenix, AZ?Regular maintenance helps prevent problems during heat waves in Phoenix, AZ

How often should you service your AC in Phoenix, AZ? In Phoenix, AZ, regularly servicing your AC is critical to keeping cooling costs low. Our AC techs will ensure the unit runs all summer smoothly. We recommend scheduling an annual check-up for your air conditioner to keep it running at optimum performance levels. Annual AC tune-ups can help avoid costly repairs.

As temperatures rise in Phoenix, staying ahead of the game and maintaining your air conditioner is critical. Ask yourself, “How often should I service my AC?” before summertime hits.

Arrange an appointment with an Alaskan AC specialist for regular maintenance at least once a year. Enjoy all summer offers without worrying about costly repairs or voiding your warranty. Remembering to schedule your AC service is critical when enduring hot weather conditions.

Do You Need to Get Your AC Serviced Every Year?

Regular air conditioning maintenance can be a cost-saving measure. AC tune-ups enable you to identify any potential issues before they become costly and complex repairs. Taking the time to schedule regular servicing is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Proactively scheduling maintenance on your AC unit is an affordable way to protect yourself from costly repairs. Tune-ups can range between $200 and $750. Prices will vary depending on the size of the system and its location.
An inspection only takes one to two hours, so you will only need a whole day dedicated to service if something more serious happens with your air conditioner.

Regular servicing significantly improves your AC system’s potential efficiency by up to 5% annually. Cut corners and face a hefty bill for more energy usage, not to mention the likelihood of early system failure at an added cost of $7,500 or higher.

When Should You Service Your AC Unit?

For reliable performance, it’s wise to service your air conditioner twice a year. Spring and fall are great times for HVAC maintenance. The spring and fall seasons provide the opportunity to address furnace issues before demand spikes during cold weather. Don’t wait for a disaster strikes – schedule regular check-ups with an experienced contractor today.

Avoid Summer and Winter Tune-ups.

The best time to service your AC unit is during the spring season. Enjoy your summer, and make sure your AC runs at its best. Alaskan AC & Heating offers pre-season tune-ups to keep you cool all summer – so don’t wait for hot weather woes. Get in touch with us today.

Winter weather can be brutal on your HVAC system, so avoiding scheduling service when temperatures are low is best. When exposed to cold air outdoors, the oil inside your unit will thicken. Circulation could become blocked, which may lead to the malfunctioning of its components.

If you need to cool off in the winter, open your windows and let the fresh air do its work. On the other hand, a fan near an open window can relieve any discomfort caused by warm temperatures.

What is an annual AC service & tune-up covers in Phoenix?

When you service your AC unit, we perform several essential tasks. The tasks ensure the unit runs at peak performance and has an extended lifespan. From cleaning air filters to checking electrical connections – servicing allows for maximal efficiency of your cooling system with minimal disruption.

The AC service and maintenance task will include the following:

  • Cleaning or Replacing the air filters – Ensure superior air quality in your home by regularly undergoing AC service and maintenance. The tune-up includes the replacement of filters.
  • Cleaning and inspecting the indoor and outdoor coils – Our technicians guarantee the optimal performance of your AC. We will do a comprehensive service consisting of an interior, external coil cleanse, and detailed inspections.
  • Inspecting the condensate pump – We will ensure optimal AC performance, our service and maintenance tasks include thoroughly inspecting the condensate pump.
  • Checking the thermostat works appropriately – Our AC service and maintenance team will ensure that your thermostat is in perfect condition. Our AC service allows you to enjoy a comfortable temperature all year round.
  • Cleaning the condensate pump of dirt and debris. – Our AC service will remove all the dirt and debris from the condensate pump. The maintenance plan helps keep your AC unit in optimal working condition.
  • Visually inspecting the whole HVAC system. – A thorough visual inspection of your air conditioning system is critical in providing quality service and maintenance.
  • Cleaning away any dust, dirt, and debris from the AC unit. – Our air conditioning service crew will extensively clean up to ensure your air conditioning unit runs optimally. The tune-up includes removing any dust, dirt, and debris that might impede the performance of the AC unit.

What are the benefits of an AC tune-up service plan in Phoenix?

The Alaskan Club membership unlocks the key to keeping your HVAC in perfect condition and save money – get an annual service plan. Even if the coverage on your warranty has expired, a yearly maintenance agreement is a cost-effective solution.

Some of the benefits of an AC tune-up service plan include the following:

Priority AC Services

If you join our maintenance service plan, your stress levels can decrease in an AC emergency. Included to those enrolled in the program is Priority service – quick access to highly trained technicians when needed most! Regularly maintained HVAC systems are also proven to break down less often. Preventive action now could save time and money later on.

Discounts on Parts & Accessories

Home comfort can sometimes come cheap, and air conditioner repairs can take a toll on your budget. Our Alaskan Club Plan is here to help. You are eligible for preferred pricing as part of the pre-paid HVAC maintenance agreement.

Alaskafication will save you money over time. Planed services guarantee year-round peace of mind. We also offer discounts if you invest in whole-home dehumidifiers or air purification systems.

Regular AC maintenance & tune-ups

So how often should you service your AC unit in Phoenix, AZ? With our AC Maintenance service plan, Our Alaskafication process brings twice-yearly inspections to your doorstep. Regular air conditioner maintenance ensures your air conditioning and heating system is energy efficient. Annual AC tune-ups also extend their lifespans considerably, ultimately saving you money in both current & future costs down the line.

Enjoy worry-free peace of mind and incredible savings with our Alaskafy service. Our HVAC technicians will clean, inspect, and re-calibrate your cooling & heating systems. We keep you safe while delivering long-lasting efficiency – up to twice as long as standard life expectancy.
The result: 15-25% off utility bills over time. Plus a great return on investment from the cost of joining the Alaskan club.