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1 Year Money Back Guarantee… That’s the Alaskan Way

  • You get options to fit your budget
  • You will see lower energy bills
  • You’ll have cleaner, less humid air
  • 100% GUARANTEED for a whole year
  • We’ll never try to sell you anything you don’t need. Ever.
  • We check, double-check, triple-check, quadruple-check, and fivetuple-check to make sure it’s right.
AC Installation & Replacement

Installations That Are Best for YOU…

We believe in options. There’s more than one way to skin a cat (but really, you shouldn’t ever do that). When our Alaskan pro checks your home, you’ll get a range of options from “that will work just fine” all the way up to “AC to keep a King cool.” The Alaskan Way is to help you make the right choice for you…not the one that we “want” to sell you.

Lower your energy bills by up to 30%. We’ll help you save money on your new AC system for sure. But your savings keep adding up every time your utility bill arrives. We perform a complete load-test of your home to get you the system that will keep you comfortable and perform efficiently. We think you’ll be impressed by how little you send to the electric company.

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AC Installation & Replacement

Comfort beyond staying cool. Even a window unit can lower the temp…but to really be comfortable Alaskan AC lowers your humidity, cleans the allergens out your air, and makes sure all that cool-goodness stays in your home. That makes your system work even more efficiently and saves you money (do you see a theme?).

GUARANTEED for a whole year. Your new system will do all the things we say it will do. Even if it’s 5:30 on day 354 and you are not fully FULLY convinced it’s doing all those awesome things above…we will fix it so it does, or give you back all your money. To the penny. We mean it.*

Only what you need. Nothing more. There’s one sure way to become an ex-Alaskan. Sell our customers something they don’t need.

The BIG install audit. We check to make sure all the proper building codes are followed. Then we check to make sure the installer did the job right. Then we make sure the person checking the installer checked it right. We’ll even check that checker who checked the first checker. You get the idea. We don’t like mistakes.

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*Ok, this part is pretty obvious, but let’s say it this way so the lawyers can understand: The 100% Money Back Guarantee is for the first year from date of installation. It applies only to system performance. If it’s not performing to manufacturer’s specifications, you’ll give us a chance to correct it. This guarantee does not apply to any pricing of the system or buyer’s remorse. Pretty easy, right?

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