James’ New Grizzly HVAC Unit

WIlburrr Mascot - Alaskan AC

Don’t lose sleep because of your loud AC, or the Arizona heat, like James W. was! 🌡️ He just had our top-notch Grizzly HVAC system installed, and now it’s whispering him to sleep. As a bonus (which we include for every installation), our team of obsessive Polar Bears sealed and optimized every duct to keep the Grizzly’s power against the Arizona weather in his house, not in his attic. 🐻❄️

James shared his thoughts on the installation: “I was very happy with the installation. Everybody was very informative, and it has been a great experience. It’s made for these high temperatures, and all I can say is I recommend it highly.”

James was originally quoted a five-hour installation, but our Polar Bear Specialists completed it in just three hours! Despite feeling under the weather, James felt at ease knowing our team went above and beyond to ensure his comfort throughout the entire process.