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HVAC Surge Protection

Picture this: a surprise thunderstorm makes its way over your neighborhood. You’re safe in your home and the worst that can happen is a temporary power outage, right? Wrong. You are at risk for an electrical power surge. Electrical surges are surprisingly common, caused by brownouts, lightning strikes, and knocked-over power lines and these surges can cause serious damage to your electronics, including your heating and air conditioning unit. Even small electrical surges can take a toll on your HVAC unit, degrading it components over time and taking years off its working life. As your HVAC system is one of the most important and expensive appliances in your home, you don’t want to take the chance that it will be damaged by a power surge. When you have an HVAC surge protection installed by Alaskan, you’re protecting it from damaging electricity spikes.

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How Surge Protection Works

You probably have most of your electronics plugged into surge protectors already, but you can’t exactly plug an HVAC system into a surge protection power strip. That’s where a whole house surge protector comes in.

This larger, more heavy duty surge protector is hardwired to your electrical box and will protect not only your HVAC unit, but all of your other major appliances as well. The surge protector works by absorbing the electrical surge and directing it into the ground, rather than into your wiring.

Even if the electrical surge is massive the worst thing that will happen is that your surge protector is burned out, which is a lot easier and less expensive to replace than your HVAC unit!

Alaskan Fully Recommends an HVAC Surge Protector

If lightning causes damage to your HVAC unit, it probably won’t be covered under your warranty, and it’s hard to specifically prove to insurance companies that lightning damaged your equipment. Invest in a whole house surge protector today so that you don’t risk one of the most important systems in your home.

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