Dang It! Why is it So Hot in Here?

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It’s so hot today. This isn’t the time for the air conditioner to fail.

Your air conditioner is being put to the test this week. And, the coming week predicts even higher temperatures. You’ll want to be sure you have adequate cooling for that!

If your A/C isn’t cooling, first take a look at these simple fixes. If any of these don’t fix the problem, you need an Alaskan Air Conditioning technician to troubleshoot and fix your problem. And, we’ll send one right out!

Check the Electrical Box
Especially if you have experienced a recent power outage due to the monsoons that have rumbled through here. Check to see if the breaker for your HVAC has been tripped.
Check the Thermostat
Make sure it is set on “cool” with the fan switch set to the “on” or “auto” position. If it doesn’t turn on, you may want to try changing out the batteries. If that doesn’t work, then you may simply need a new thermostat. Call us and we’ll troubleshoot your repair.
Check the Air Filter
Be sure that the filter has been changed recently and isn’t clogged. A dirty air filter doesn’t allow air to flow through your system properly and could lead to a premature HVAC system breakdown or worse, require a replacement.
If none of these quick fixes solve your cooling problem, you need to call an Alaskan Air Conditioning technician out immediately.